The module depends on Helpful Libraries (at least 1.7) . Please install it prior to installing the module!

This module's aim is to provide a tool for aggregating contents from external sources. The module currently can fetch Markdown (.md) files from a Bitbucket repository and save their content as content items.


After installation you'll see a new "External Pages" menu item under Settings. Configure repository access there. For public repos you can leave the username/password blank.
After setting up a repository access you have to click the "Repopulate" button before the content will be auto-updated (this is so you can defer the initial population). After clicking the button the repository's content will be pulled in from the current state.
After the initial population a background task will check for new changesets every 15 minutes and process changesets in order, one per minute. The processing is differential, meaning that modified markdown pages will be changed, added ones created and removed ones also removed from Orchard. The same stands for mirrored files.
When you click "Repopulate" any time the current state of the repository will be pulled in, overtaking changeset processing. This means that if there are changesets in the queue and you repopulate content from the repository those changeset jobs will never be processed. Instead, the current state of the repository will be mirrored, in an incremental way. E.g. if there was a file deleted in a changeset and you repopulate before that changeset can be processed the file won't be removed locally.

Version history

  • v1.0 (27.07.2012.):

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